Sunday, April 29, 2012

This is Robert, the guy that would do anything for his family.


Robert and I first met in British Literature during the first semester.  He seemed a bit of a slacker and perhaps one that just needed a reality check to get his priorities in line.  However, even though he was not always the best student, he still had a great sense of humor.  I first got to know Robert when he taught me how to throw a football in the gym.  He is also the one who has introduced me to most of the upperclassmen on campus.  Robert grew up in Warrensburg, Missouri.  He lived with his two parents and two sisters and brother.  Robert laughs as he tells me, "Between the four of us, there was never a dull moment."  Robert really looks up to his dad, which one can easily tell by looking at his future plans.  Robert graduates this year and is planning on joining the military just like his dad did.  He is hoping on being stationed in Kansas City, Missouri where he will work as a psychologist.  Robert may not always be the best student in the classroom; however, he really is a good person with a bright future ahead.  He realizes that at times he lived life in the fast lane, and he wishes that he would have slowed down every once in awhile.  Although, he also believes that you have one life to live, and so you better live it.  But by saying this, he still knows that living life, also means taking a step back to figure your life out. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A neat article about not just getting to know people, 
but instead people that you should know!

The 25 People You Need

 in Your Network

By:Adelaide Lancaster 

As an entrepreneur (or aspiring one), you constantly
 hear about the value of expanding your network. But the
 truth is, when it comes to business relationships, it’s not 
quantity that matters—it’s quality. Having memorable, 
substantial relationships with people who understand your
 business and can help you over time is the real key to networking success.
So, instead of forcing yourself to meet and greet as many 

new people as possible, spend your time focusing on a few 
strategic relationships. You can get all the inspiration, information, 
resources, and connections you need to move your business 
forward from five people in each of five strategic areas. Read 
on for how to build your 25-person power network.
People With Similar But More Established Businesses

Acknowledging that great businesses have come before you
 doesn’t make you any less smart or capable, and it doesn’t
 make your company any less successful. So don’t necessarily
 look at the established companies in your field as competition
—instead, see them as your mentors! Learning what they’ve done well
 and what they wish they had done differently can give
 you insight on what’s worked, plus help you avoid learning things 
the hard way. Don’t be shy here—pick a few of your role models, take 
them to lunch, and do a lot of listening. 

Businesses Who You Admire in Another Industry

It’s also important to get out of your own sandbox. It’s easy
 to be focused solely on your industry, but that really limits 
you from seeing the innovation and ingenuity that exists elsewhere. 
Smart entrepreneurship is all about transferrable learning. 
Think about other industries you find interesting and what
 they might teach you about your own business or customers. 
What about their tactics and techniques could be incorporated 
into your own shop? Pick five people you find fascinating in
 a wide variety of industries—and learn 
everything you can from them.

Smart People Who Make You Think Differently

Similarly, you should connect to people who help you 
broaden your perspective and see the world in a different 
light. These may be entrepreneurs, but they certainly don’t 
have to be—they can be anyone who asks the tough questions
 and doesn’t mind pushing the envelope once in a while. 
Make sure that a couple people in this group are those who
 you don’t automatically agree with. Few business strategies 
are automatically right or wrong, and people who challenge 
what you tend to think can be a great check and balance for
 your decisions. 

People that Love Being in the Know

As an entrepreneur, you’ll spend much of your time thinking
 about the things that you don't know—business 
strategy, technical details, resources, rules, you name it. Of
 course, all of that info is out there somewhere, but it still 
requires lots of time sifting through unvetted leads to find. 
Fortunately, some people pride themselves on being walking 
encyclopedias. Get to know them. Ask them questions often, 
and take them to coffee to pick their brain from time to time.
 (In return, be sure to share your resources and experiences, too.) 

Your Entrepreneurial Pals

Perhaps most importantly, you need your posse: your confidantes
 who will cheer you on when things are great, and hear about
 the worst (with no judgment) when they’re not. After all,
 entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart, and only other 
entrepreneurs can truly understand the complex happiness/exhaustion
 relationship that comes with running a business. Make sure 
that you have people you can count on to help out when you
 need it most. (And make sure to reciprocate by lending an 
ear, hand, or shoulder when they need it, too.)
Jacey is never afraid to be herself.
Jacey is a cute and quirky girl that everyone should try to get to know.  She's not one of those type of girls that tells you want you want to hear-she is going to flat out say what you need to hear.  Whether it involves boys, school, or sports Jacey is the one I go to for advice.  Jacey loves to wear sweat pants with her hair up, but when it is time to get dressed up: she will wear the trendiest outfit on campus. Someone she looks up to is Beyonce.  I laugh when she tells me this, and she says, "No! Not just because of her curves, I mean she's got talent too! She's successful."  No matter what Jacey ends up doing in life, she will be successful, there is no doubt about it.  Jacey lives a few suites away from me, so I can see her porch when I leave my room.  Seven out of ten times, she is sitting in her favorite chair with her homework on her lap.  She constantly studies in order to maintain the 4.0 she is striving to have.  Jacey and I became so close this year that we have actually decided to live together next semester.  We went from being total strangers to best friends in a time span of about 7 months.  She is one of those friends in life, that pushes you to be your very best.  She lives her life by her favorite quote:

Good, Better, Best
Never let it rest
Until your good is better
And your better is your best.

She expects it from herself to follow this quote, but she also expects it from those around her as well.

I feel like meeting new people is all about stepping out of one's comfort zone.  It involves trying new things, and making new experiences.  It incorporates the idea of taking chances, and living life to the fullest.  Doing this can be an adrenaline rush, and it can make a person's life happier! Check out this cool video I found about making life count! 
This is Bongiwe.