Monday, April 23, 2012

Imanni Durre

Imanni is one of my best friends that I have met so far at Westminster.  Before coming here, I had no clue who she was, and all through freshman orientation, I just knew that she was the girl from Milwaukee.  However, she is so much more than just a girl from the "414" as she refers to it.  In order to know Imanni, one must know her most treasured items.  That would include Hello Kitty items, her music, her pictures of family and friends, and her necklace that was given to her my her madre.  Imanni has a wide range of culture throughout her family.  She is jamaican, caucasian, african american, and cuban.  One time we were taking a survey together, and Imanni  laughed and said, "They don't have my ethnicity, so I'm just gonna put other!"  Imanni is always saying things that put me in a good mood.  She constantly sings jamaican songs that I have never heard of, and she obsesses over Internet shopping.  One of her favorite items to purchase over the Internet is anything that is Hello Kitty.  This girl has Hello Kitty outfits, earrings, pillow cases, laptop covers, posters, and backpacks.  If it has Hello Kitty's name on it, then it has Imanni's name on it as well.  Another trait about Imanni is her constant love for music.  She has thousands of songs, and her laptop is always playing.  She downloads new songs every day, and teaches me new genres of music on a weekly basis.  She knows all the greatest artists, and if Bob Marley sings it, she knows it.  During the summer, she usually goes to anywhere from 7 to 10 concerts, all with different genres of music.  This diverse, accepting, and hyper girl, is anything but just a girl from Wisconsin.  

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