Monday, April 23, 2012


I knew Tony from basketball, as we both played on the Varsity teams here at Westminster.  This meant that we traveled together, and therefore knew each others names, but that was about it.  I really got to know Tony when he came over to my suite-mate's room to work on a project.  I was painting my nails and Tony came in with all of his papers.  He proceeded to say, "What's good with you all?!" One thing that I learned from the start about Tony is that he is absolutely hilarious.  As we are having a serious conversation about the project, he pulls a Twinkie out of his pocket.  We all laughed, like "Tony! How do you have a twinkie?"  He smiled and pulled out four more.  Tony always is up for a good time, as one can tell by his smile.  In his words, "I can make a party out of no party!"  Although, Tony would not be where he is today without his momma.  He says that his momma is someone that he looks up to, and he wants to raise his kids like his momma raised him.  At first, I did not think that Tony and I had much in common except for the game of basketball, but I later found out that we both share the same favorite NBA players.  This past year I went to Chicago to watch the Chicago Bulls play verse the Phoenix Suns, cheering on both Steve Nash and Derrick Rose.  As it turns out, Tony was doing the same thing.  He told me that, "Those two players are who I want to portray my game after."  Tony is a guy that I can count on whenever I need a laugh or someone to rebound for me in the gym.  Nobody has as big of a heart as Tony, as he proudly proclaims, "I love everybody!"

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