Sunday, April 29, 2012


Robert and I first met in British Literature during the first semester.  He seemed a bit of a slacker and perhaps one that just needed a reality check to get his priorities in line.  However, even though he was not always the best student, he still had a great sense of humor.  I first got to know Robert when he taught me how to throw a football in the gym.  He is also the one who has introduced me to most of the upperclassmen on campus.  Robert grew up in Warrensburg, Missouri.  He lived with his two parents and two sisters and brother.  Robert laughs as he tells me, "Between the four of us, there was never a dull moment."  Robert really looks up to his dad, which one can easily tell by looking at his future plans.  Robert graduates this year and is planning on joining the military just like his dad did.  He is hoping on being stationed in Kansas City, Missouri where he will work as a psychologist.  Robert may not always be the best student in the classroom; however, he really is a good person with a bright future ahead.  He realizes that at times he lived life in the fast lane, and he wishes that he would have slowed down every once in awhile.  Although, he also believes that you have one life to live, and so you better live it.  But by saying this, he still knows that living life, also means taking a step back to figure your life out. 

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